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Welcome to the Feldman Law Group

Welcome to the Feldman Law Group

Product Liability

 I have handle numerous such cases. In one for example after extensive litigation it finally settled for millions of dollars. The case stemmed from an on the job injury at a manufacturing plant that made insulated windows. My client lost his arm and hand below the elbow when it was pulled into glass roll press machine while he was working on a...

Birth Injury

Birth Injury due to medical malpractice resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement and life care plan involving a special needs trust that would cover this unfortunate child’s special needs, and medical care including anticipated lost earning throughout his life time. Medical malpractice is often the toughest war to wage. I am very selective...

Dog Attacks

I have handled numerous dog attacks to adults and minors that have resulted in outcomes. For example I just concluded a case where my client’s dog and the defendant’s dog got into an altercation at dog beach in Ocean Beach that resulted in my client’s hand and finger being bit by the other dog after she intervened to save her dog’s life. The case...

Bicycle Accident Cases

I have handled numerous bicycle accident cases where the cyclist has either been hit by a car or truck or has hit a depression in the roadway that should have been known about and repaired. The latest incident involved a 81 year old bicyclist suffered a head injury that resulted in a governmental entity paying out a significant 6 figure sum...

Significant Impact Rear end Collision

Client’s BMW was hit from behind. Client happened to be a medical doctor who for months tried to handle his case on his own. He did not get adequate medical care until several months past when he learned the persistent back pain and pain and discomfort to one of his digits on his hand turned out to be aggravation of a disk protrusion and a...

Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle Collisions involving cars and/or trucks are obviously the most common incidents I handle. At the Injury Law Offices of Michael Feldman, I have literally handled thousands of such cases, from legitimate minor impact cases that result in injury to wrongful death and serious injury cases usually involving brain, spinal cord, and joint...

Personal Injury

My client was a pedestrian, under the influence of alcohol, who suffered an amputated leg injury after being backed over by tow truck late at night in a strip mall parking lot. The case ultimately settled for several million dollars in a structured arrangement that involved contributions from the store owner, the property owner for improperly...

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