Personal Injury

My client was a pedestrian, under the influence of alcohol, who suffered an amputated leg injury after being backed over by tow truck late at night in a strip mall parking lot. The case ultimately settled for several million dollars in a structured arrangement that involved contributions from the store owner, the property owner for improperly designed parking access and lighting and of course the tow truck operator. In this case the defense vigorously argued that my client was primarily at fault for her own injures because she was very drunk and had been seen pan handling in the parking lot. However, with help of research, and a team of experts, we built a case that centered on the lack of any backup warnings including a backup beeper, or camera that would have alerted the driver of my client’s presence. Additionally I argued that the parking lot was inadequately lit and unsafely designed as additional substantial factors in bringing about this most unfortunate incident. My client also did not have adequate health insurance to cover her medical liens. So my office arranged for medical care on a lien basis. This means that we found medical providers who would agree to give her the medical care she continued to need and wait for payment until the case was resolved and the responsible parties paid her the compensation she deserved.

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