Bicycle Accident Cases

I have handled numerous bicycle accident cases where the cyclist has either been hit by a car or truck or has hit a depression in the roadway that should have been known about and repaired. The latest incident involved a 81 year old bicyclist suffered a head injury that resulted in a governmental entity paying out a significant 6 figure sum (confidential) primarily based on a failure to know or inspect this portion of the roadway although it was under the exclusive jurisdiction and control of this government entity. Most people do not know that if one is a injury victim on a bicycle or as a pedestrian that the victim’s automobile insurance policy may play a significant role. For example if the driver of the other vehicle hits a pedestrian or cyclist and does not have liability insurance or does not have adequate coverage, then the victim’s own auto policy that contains a provision or UM/UIM coverage would be available even though the victim was not in his or her car. As long as the incident involved a vehicle your own auto policy may have benefits available to you. For example, regardless of who is at fault, if your auto policy or if the owner or driver of the vehicle that you are in as a passenger, has a provision for medical payment coverage, that coverage would be available to you.

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