Significant Impact Rear end Collision

Client’s BMW was hit from behind. Client happened to be a medical doctor who for months tried to handle his case on his own. He did not get adequate medical care until several months past when he learned the persistent back pain and pain and discomfort to one of his digits on his hand turned out to be aggravation of a disk protrusion and a fracture of his finger. The case resulted in a six figure settlement that was structured so the client did not pay any income taxes on the recovery. In this case the other driver had a minimum $15,000 policy and my client had UM/UIM coverage under his own auto policy that was greater than the $15,000 so we were able to go after the under-insurance coverage and collect medical payment coverage under my client’s own policy after we convinced the other driver’s carrier to turn over the $15,000, which by the way was not easy because THEY took the position that he must not have been seriously hurt since he did not “require” an significant treatment for the first several months. In this case as in most of the others that follow, we also had to deal with issues involving our own client’s health insurance company claiming a right of reimbursement under the provisions of the health insurance that our client was covered under via his employer. In this case as in most cases THEY try to get every penny THEY can. So we step in and negotiate a discounted amount or under certain circumstances defeat THEIR claimed “right” to reimbursement.

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