Dog Attacks

I have handled numerous dog attacks to adults and minors that have resulted in outcomes. For example I just concluded a case where my client’s dog and the defendant’s dog got into an altercation at dog beach in Ocean Beach that resulted in my client’s hand and finger being bit by the other dog after she intervened to save her dog’s life. The case settled for over $60,000.00. With dog bite cases we can all be thankful that in California an dog owner does not get one free bite. In California unlike some other states, a dog owner is strictly liable for injuries caused by an animal attack. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the attorneys assigned to defendant the dog owner, under his or her home owner’s insurance policy will not try to blame the victim too. These cases often involve allegations that the victim provoked the dog or somehow through his or her own negligence put themselves in harms way. That is why I always urge you or someone you know, before taking another step to contact my law office for a free case evaluation. You simply need to pick up the phone and call (877) 978-4878 or fill out the CASE EVALUATION FORM below.

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