Vehicle Collisions

Vehicle Collisions involving cars and/or trucks are obviously the most common incidents I handle. At the Injury Law Offices of Michael Feldman, I have literally handled thousands of such cases, from legitimate minor impact cases that result in injury to wrongful death and serious injury cases usually involving brain, spinal cord, and joint injuries and fractures. In In one such case, we had to go all the way to judgement after a jury trial because THEY were low balling my client. We achieved a result that was over 3 times what THEY were willing to pay. We got over $60,000.00 in a trial against the driver of a car who struck my client’s vehicle causing an injury to a shoulder that resulted in surgery where my client had months earlier been in a previous automobile accident involving the same shoulder. What complicated this case was the pre-existing nature of her shoulder injury. First there was evidence that she had a medical condition from birth where her shoulder did not properly develop. Second she had a very minor accident only 2 months earlier, that involved some shoulder treatment that the medical records indicated completely resolved the shoulder problem before this case arose. Additionally her Health Insurer claimed a right of reimbursement to medical care that was not associated with this case so we had to go to battle with our client’s own health care insurer to minimize any reimbursement claim THEY were asserting. Ultimately we were successful navigating the various mine fields and got a result that my client appreciated.

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