Product Liability

 I have handle numerous such cases. In one for example after extensive litigation it finally settled for millions of dollars. The case stemmed from an on the job injury at a manufacturing plant that made insulated windows. My client lost his arm and hand below the elbow when it was pulled into glass roll press machine while he was working on a production line. Typically in these cases since such an injury is on the job, the victim does not think outside the box. He or she is under the impression that the only legal recourse available is Worker’s Compensation, which will not pay out compensation for pain and suffering damages. But, as with many similar on the job incidents, the injury although occurred on the job, may still have been the result of a THIRD PARTY and not be limited to one’s employer. In this case, the manufacture of the roll press machine was ultimately found responsible based on our theory that the machine rollers were inadequately guarded. After an extensive investigation, we uncovered that a simple switch costing less than ten dollars, could have been added to a removable gate that would have automatically turned off the rollers when my client opened the gate to clean out broken glass. Days before trial would have commenced they rolled over and paid my client millions of dollars over his lifetime. In this case we got around the worker’s compensation bar to suing the employer by seeking damages from the third party manufacturer of the machine. Typically these “third party cases” arise when an employee in the course of his employment is on the road and is the injury victim of a car accident or when another vendor or contractor at work who is not a co-employee is negligent and that results in an injury to you or someone you know. I urge you to contact my law office and at least inquire whether or not you have a case before taking one more step. In most such cases you may have as short as two years from the date of the incident to either settle the case or file a law suit. So call today (877) 978-4878 or fill out the Case Evaluation form below.

In a premises liability action, after a 5 day trial I achieved a verdict in excess of $22,000.00 from injuries suffered after a limb from an overgrown tree fell on my client on a hot summer day. The landlord and property management company paid the judgement for failure to adequately maintain and inspect the property.

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